Office 36, Ground floor, Emarat Atrium Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


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MAG Lifestyle Development is a subsidiary of the MAG Group, a distinguished corporation involved in real estate, engineering, industrial, commercial, freight services, and hospitality. The MAG Group has been active in the Middle East since 1978 and is based in Abu Dhabi. MAG Lifestyle Development specializes in the development of various housing options in Dubai, ranging from affordable and innovative offerings to high-end properties.

The CEO of MAG Group is Mohammed Nimer, while Talal M. Al Gaddah serves as the executive director of MAG Lifestyle Development. The development company was established in 2003 with a focus on incorporating innovative technologies into real estate projects. Their portfolio includes residential towers, luxury apartments, and reasonably priced properties located in popular areas of the emirate.

Ramesh Reddy, the Head of IT at MAG Lifestyle Development, emphasizes that their goal is not just to sell real estate but to create a new way of life for the next generation, positioning themselves as pioneers in the industry.